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How to Use Air-Conditioning Remotes in Japan

If you’ve ever been to Japan (or China, Thailand, or any other non-Roman alphabet country) you may know what it’s like to check into a hotel that has nothing written in English or even in English-lettered versions of the native language. I can always type a French, German, or Malay word into Google on my phone or computer and piece together what it is I am looking at. But with Japanese, for example, I am sunk. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to decipher the buttons on an air-conditioner remote control or heater thermostat. I was recently in Okinawa and wrestled with the air-con and decided I’d at least post what I was able to figure out with a friend translating for me. Some of these characters may be similar or the same with other models. The Japanese air-conditioner remote I translated here is a Daikin model.

I hope this helps. I may add other photos and translations here in the future. And I hope to add some for China and Korea in the future. It will save me some frustration at least.

Translation of Japanese air-conditioner remote buttons
Translation of Japanese air-conditioner remote buttons

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*Thanks to Scott for helping me verify this!*


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12 thoughts on “How to Use Air-Conditioning Remotes in Japan

  • LOL!! You should try reading a installation or service manual that has been translated from Japanese to English…..a lot of it makes no sense at all!!

  • I am struggling with the kanji on a Daikin remote control. At the top left part of the LCD screen, I have 5 options. One of them is the same Kanji on your remote display.
    Still haven’t got this figured out. But thanks for posting some of the button control meanings.

  • This is very helpful info. Making it possible for us to use A/c remotes in non-Roman alphabet countries.

    I totally agree

  • Step by step, how do I get this air conditioning unit to turn on? This is my remote, but I’ve pushed every button on it and nothing happens? Help.

  • Seriously! Whoever you are, awesome guide!!! You just saved my body a whole heap of sweating ^_^ X

  • That was a really critical post. Japanese language is never easy to understand. It is not really easy to get the meaning of Japanese words through google translate because you don’t know how to type them. lol..

  • Thank you so much. You made living in minus 12 in Japan so much more bearable.

  • Last night our room was freezing cold.
    Thanks to you, an English instruction found on the web and some trial and error, it’s now warm and cozy in here!

  • You save my girlfriend night! Arrigato gozaimasu!!!

  • OMG thank you so much. Just spent a night sweltering in the hotel and now tonight I can sleep in comfort. Arigatou


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