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Funny English: Bathroom Sign in Bangkok

I went to an amazing Indian restaurant in Bangkok last night, totally vegetarian and another reminder that if I had to, I could give up meat as long as the cooking was good. But the chuckle for the night came from a sign in the restroom there. I have an idea of what they were trying to say, but it is so far off as to make me wonder. Even the assisting drawing was a bit amusing. What I liked about it all was that there were two of them, side by side, as if the management knew the first one was a bit wonky and decided to try it again without taking the original down.


Say, is that a snowman? Oh.


So what’s it all mean??? The plumbing can’t handle anything but Number 1? But go ahead and pee, we wouldn’t want you to have a kidney malfunction. As for wearing the feces… um… as one would expect, it’s not recommended.

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7 thoughts on “Funny English: Bathroom Sign in Bangkok

  • This may be one of the most entertainingly bad English translations I have ever read. Way better than the menu typo I saw in Panama that translated “Entradas Calientes” as “Hot receding Hairlines.”

  • Awesome. I have a few gross language errors of my own that I ought to post about just to keep this fair. But I have to admit, if I were translating anything into a completely different language, I would find someone — anyone — who spoke it to make sure it’s not even just a little bit incoherent.

  • Holy crap (excuse the pun)–these are hilarious! You’re probably right re: the plumbing not handling too much more than #1.

    Or maybe they’re worried about someone stealing another person’s malfunctioning kidney. Yeah, that’s it. Makes sense, no? LOL

    • Yep, you never know when you might go out to eat and wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a kidney missing.

    • Haha, yeah, I think that one achieves clarity! Though I still wouldn’t be sure what to do about renal issues.


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