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Travel Photo: The HEP Five Ferris Wheel in Osaka


Just outside and to the east of Osaka Station, high above the high-rises, stands this bright red Ferris wheel on top of a shopping mall. At its highest point, you are 106 meters above the street. Osaka Station, newly renovated and with even a couple more new buildings going up around it, has become quite a bit busier than it already was. Coffee shops are filled to bursting. Mad rushes of people crisscross on their ways to the trains. Several subway stations feed into the station on the basement level, and the rail company JR runs lines to nearby cities from here. This is not to be confused with Shin-Osaka Station, the JR station where the Shinkansen (bullet trains) stop. And the Ferris wheel is not to be confused with the seaside Tempozan Ferris wheel.

Admission is about 500 yen and you can ride from 11am-11pm. Find it on a Google map.

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