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Travel Photo: Fountain at Osaka Station

(October 2013)
My 10-day Japan trip – the third trip this year – ended in Osaka. Missed an earthquake by a couple hundred miles, and a couple of typhoons by less than that. But all’s well that ends well. I’ve been coming to Osaka for several years now and since my first trip, Osaka Station has been a convoluted confusing mess of construction.

[Find out where to store luggage in Osaka Station]

This is the first time I’ve been here since they seem to have finished. It’s still a big confusing mess that requires you to stop and really read the signage and get your compass bearings just to get from one end to the other, not to mention find the right train.

This new fountain is outside the South Gate and creates designs in the air, and even words from time to time. The kids were mesmerized. OK, so was I.

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