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It’s my favorite diner ever I think. Right there in the middle of nowhere just west of Ashland is a real diner. We’re talking shiny aluminum like a train car, counter with stools, booths with coat hooks sort of thing and the grill right out there where you can see it. The Delta Diner is almost surreal. Yes, you get top notch breakfasts and burgers like you’d expect, but owner Todd Bucher won’t just settle for that. He’s got a long list of creative culinary delights that make this diner the stellar place it is. Baked pancakes? You better believe it (see above). They puff up and take some powdered sugar. Baked omelets with portabellas, spinach and feta or even spicy seafood. They have their own bacon made back in Ashland. Ever hear of a bacon steak? I hadn’t. It may not be for those on the waiting list for a new heart, but I’d take my chances (and did – delicious).

It took Todd a couple of months to “get it just right” with his BBQ and he will insist you have it with their slaw on top. No use resisting; he is the barbecue Nazi. My personal fave (at list THIS time) is Pedro’s Mexican Benny: two fried eggs over hash browns (done properly, nice and crisp) and smothered with a chipotle and local chorizo sauce. A little spice to get you going in the morning. Kid you not, people have read about Delta Diner and driven all the way north just for the day to eat there. They didn’t leave disappointed.

While you’re there take a winery tour in nearby Iron River at White Winter Winery. Several different kinds of mead (fermented honey) and a specialty beer called brackett. Blueberry mead? You bet. Their brackett gets them into my Wisconsin Beer Guide, so if you bring along your copy they offer a 10% discount on your purchase when you get the book signed!

If you do make it up to one of these places, send me an email and let me know what you thought!

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