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Last week I spoke about my Galapagos experience on my Mad Traveler spot on Triple M 105.5FM. Just like birdwatchers I think people who like to travel have life lists and check off the favorite destinations as they find their way to them. Galapagos was not just on a life list for me; I considered it more of a Bet-I-Never-Get-to-See-That destination. More or less like Easter Island for me. So when I managed to get on a press trip for it, I was understandably thrilled. I generally don’t get on cruise boats but this was the best way to see the place. It is possible to make short day trips from one of the populated islands using smaller operators but with an expedition cruise it was possible to go much farther. Often we woke up at the next destination. Shore excursions could be quite early cutting out all the arrival time. I have info on my Travel Planner page under Vacation Packages about how you can get on one of these trips. It may not be as costly as you think (though it sure isn’t as cheap as backpacking through Central America or some such thing). But it IS comfortable, safe, hassle-free and the trip will be one of the most memorable of your life. My piece on the web site emphasizes the threats posed to the place but another piece at is a little lighter in tone and leans toward the experiential. We explored a lava tube on one of the islands and the sea kayaking alone with sea turtles was just plain surreal. In just a couple of days having blue-footed boobies or sea lions at your feet, becomes normal. So much so that when I came home and saw all the squirrels and sparrows in my yard go tearing to the trees I thought for a moment, “Well, what the heck’s the matter with the squirrels today??” Put The Galapagos on your list! It is a must see! I myself would like to return, but this time for a trip with a scuba diving focus. So back on the life list go the Galapagos Islands… Check out my home site and the Galapagos article for pics and a YouTube Galapagos video

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