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Luggage Storage at Kutna Hora Train Station


Many travelers will come to Kutna Hora to see its UNESCO celebrated town center and churches (and many more will likely first hear about the Bone Church or Sedlec Ossuary). But for those still traveling with bags or big backpacks, you may decide to leave your bags at the Kutna Hora Train Station.


There are no self-service luggage lockers here. However, there is a luggage storage room in the station. There isn’t always an attendant in the room, so you would need to go to the train information and ticket office. Ask at the window and they will take care of you. The cost is 40 Czech koruna for 24 hours.


When I asked what it cost for another 24 hours, they seemed baffled. Who would leave bags here that long? At any rate, you can do it if you so choose, and you will be charged the same price for another 24 hours. You may or may not encounter someone who speaks English here. For directions to the Bone Church from here, see my Sedlec Ossuary post (linked above).


Be aware that this is a bit of a sleepy little station and there is not always an attendant on site. See the hours posted in the lobby window (above) to determine if this train station baggage storage is going to fit your schedule. And always ask the clerk personally in case what is posted is old, recently changed or leaving out the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday/strike or the like.

Special Note: If you are worried the baggage storage might be full during peak season or simply don’t want to leave it to chance, or if you want to leave it in Prague while you visit Kutna Hora, there is also a great luggage storage service similar to AirBNB that uses local businesses for your luggage. You can pre-pay and reserve storage before you even arrive. Check out Stasher to see locations in Czech Republic and compare prices as well.

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7 thoughts on “Luggage Storage at Kutna Hora Train Station

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  • I guess its not safe to leave luggage with valuables.

    • Have you heard something specifically about Kutna Hora? Or is this a blanket statement about luggage storage?

  • Fernanda Viana

    Great tip!!!!
    But, I’m a little concern because I can see this post is dated on 2013, do you know any website where I can confirm the info about if still exists this luggage storage?? Because i have plans to come from Prague, spend the all day on Kutna Hora, and then go to Olomouc at night, and I will carry my backpack and one large luggage, if this is not working, my plans will be ruined. And in which station is this Luggage storage? Kutná Hora hlavní nádraží, Kutná Hora-Sedlec or Kutná Hora město???

    • This is the main station Kutna Hora hlavní nádraží . The others are very local and would likely require you to change trains to save yourself about 7 minutes walking from the station. But Kutna Hora-Sedlec is indeed a bit closer but you’d lose any time you save by sorting out the train to get there. 🙂 I know of no other sites but I can’t imagine as tourism increases that they would remove luggage storage. I will ask a friend who was just there if he noticed. But I’d bet a dollar on it. 😉 Plan B, hit up the hostel across the street. They keep bags all the time.

  • In July 2022, I can confirm that this train station will still hold luggage for you at 40 crowns per bag. We asked about it at the ticket window and the attendant was very friendly.


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