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There are 84,000 river miles and about 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin. So for paddle sport enthusiasts, Wisconsin is a dream. In researching, paddling, and writing Paddling Wisconsin, a FalconGuide I selected some of the best Wisconsin paddle destinations, providing maps and narrative and the tips you should know before you go so as to get the most from your outing.

What is in it?

The Paddling series from FalconGuides aims to cover all the states and offers a solid overview of great places to paddle. In writing this book, I already recognize that there are other books on the market, some of which I am very impressed with. So to differentiate Paddling Wisconsin, I selected destinations with these thoughts in mind:

  • Nothing higher than about Class I-II rapids. While this is not a “family” guide per se, most of the chosen paddling routes will be mostly novice-friendly and OK for the kids. You will not need to wear a helmet for any of these runs.
  • No portages or dams along the route.
  • Some spectacular lake paddles. Six of the 45 trips are along a few key Wisconsin still-water points. Yes, rivers tend to be more popular, but what if you are paddling alone and have no shuttle available? And how can one mention paddling in Wisconsin while ignoring the two Great Lakes, for example?
  • With the exception of a couple rivers — the Wisconsin, notably — I avoided doubling up on trips. For example, I included Rockton to La Farge on the Kickapoo, but I didn’t also include Ontario to Rockton. I mention connected segments or extensions, of course, but with “only” 45 trips — there are really loads of options for canoeing and kayaking in Wisconsin — I didn’t intend to squish them together. The Wisconsin stretches throughout the state so a northern, central and two southern segments are in there since they are far from each other and quite different in character.

Check out the Paddling Wisconsin photo gallery below. Go get your copy today and take on some great Wisconsin kayaking and canoeing!










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