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Who’s Worse?

When I first saw children, infants, balanced in the wind on handlebars I thought, Are these people crazy? And of course since I thought it, I said it aloud. Well, Preamtip frowned at me and pointed out how cars are too expensive and everyone has motorbikes. Yeah, I get that, but going from the absurdity of a mega-tank SUV to a moped that seats five is a little extreme. And anyway, it’s the lack of helmets that troubles me I guess. I suppose it wouldn’t matter much, few would be likely to survive an accident in this traffic. But then there I sat on the boat as we slapped along the waves from Koh Tarutao to Koh Adang the next morning. Across from me was a European family with their toddler in absolute terror as the whole world lurched and rocked and all with a deafening roar and the clouds of exhaust. He vomited, of course, and wailed for the hourlong ride. What on EARTH were these people thinking to drag a kid who could barely walk on terra firma into the depths of a remote national park in Thailand? I mean I applaud the parents who keep plugging along with life and vacations with kids in tow, but seriously??? Maybe ferry riding in Indonesia? Or perhaps swimming with sharks? And they had a stroller. On an island with no pavement or sidewalks, just deep sand.

The speedboat did not go to shore when we arrived but floated between sister islands Lipe and Adang while longtail boats ran alongside and luggage was passed over the rocking leaky crafts (with small car engines with no mufflers). And down will go baby, longtail and all. I can only say Wow. Another thrill seeker with baby in tow was concerned that Baby might have dysenterry and they needed to make the LONG trip to a hospital. And I thought I was crazy to come here…

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