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That Voodoo That You Chew

Voodoo Donuts cast a spell on me. They claim “the magic is in the hole.” And so it is with this dynamic hole-in-the-wall operation that would make Homer Simpson drool off 20 pounds before putting them back on with such amazing donuts including the Tex-Ass which at $3.95 comes with a challenge: Eat it in less than a minute and a half and it’s free. There are a few off color donuts (put your mind in the gutter for some of these – think obelisks and a couple globes) and Oreo and peanut butter combos, and voodoo dolls with pretzel stick pins filled with raspberry blood. They do weddings here. Seriously. And the occasional live music act though the area in front of the counter is about the size of many people’s kitchens. Open 24 hours in case you need to hex someone with a Portland Cream in the midnight (or midday) hour.

A tip sent me to Wunderland, an arcade/second-run cinema. So you can see $2 movies or go play video games that take NICKELS rather than quarters. Though having flashbacks to my 80s addiction to plugging coins into the descendants of Space Invaders and Pac Man, I managed to just get a feel for the place and keep my nickels.

Brewpubs Amnesia and Alameda were pretty good, and my favorite for the night, Lucky Labrador which does some great sandwiches with their beers and for a decent price. (Look for this place in the upcoming Morgan Freeman/Greg Kinnear film “Feast of Love.”)

Widmer is also here as is a Rogue brewery pub, but since I can get that in bottles back in Madison, I skipped for the really local stuff. All today’s brewpubs bottles brews for you on demand, like a growler, but smaller. TSA will prevent me from bringing any of this great stuff on an airplane unfortunately. Just another reason to visit again.

Kevin Revolinski

Author, travel writer/photographer, world traveler. Writes about travel, hiking, camping, paddling, and craft beer.

4 thoughts on “That Voodoo That You Chew

  • Is Voodoo Donuts the place that has a bacon-covered donut? I’m both intrigued and horrified… (haha)

  • Kevin

    That would be the bacon maple bar. So yes. Now that you bring it up, I realize the error of my choice. The available donuts are under glass on a rotating three-tier display like desserts at a diner…along with what appear to be a dead crow, a can of Popeye’s spinach, a voodoo doll, and Homer Simpson holding a couple small donuts over his head. I regret not taking the Tex-Ass challenge. I am certain I could have eaten that donut in under a minute and a half. And oh, the prestige!

  • Oh, well–it’s a good reason to make a return trip someday, right? :+)

    All this donut talk has reminded me of a really big donut available at most Super One Foods grocery store locations around here–“The Texas Donut.” Which is basically just a really big, custard-filled donut, same as the rest of the pre-fab ones in the case…but big. Really big. It lacks the artistic merit of a Voodoo Donut, though, that’s for sure. Plus, we had a good donut shop out in Helena (The Donut Hole), and once you grow accustomed to donuts made with loving care and attention to detail, it’s hard to go back to the pre-fabs. (Not that I’m prone to turning down a lot of donuts. haha)

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