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Progressive Portland

There’s something really wholesome, healthy and progressive about Portland. Buses on bio-diesel. Bike lanes all over the place even down the center of the I-205 Columbia River Bridge. Even the local fast food burger joint, Burgerville, serves local food. Is that possible? I feel a little less guilty about “bad” fast food when I know the cheese, beef, and handpicked blackberries in the milkshake are from just down the road. Sweet Walla Walla (Washington) onion rings. If you have to have a drive-through fix, this is the way to do it.

And healthy beer? My Best Brewpub Award for this trip goes to Roots. Totally organic… and totally creative. A Kolsch beer that doesn’t use hops, but rather an infusion of herbs (paradise seed, mudwort) and flowers (chamomile and lavender.) Sound weird? It did to me. But it was quite a good summer beer. Heck, you can taste the summer in it. Chocolate Habanero Stout? Hotter than July. An IPA for the hopheads and an Imperial Stout that will make you think you’re the emperor. A seasonal beer called Festivus (for the rest of us) even has a Festivus pole (get your own in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) in honor of the holiday. Usually 4-5 regular taps and 4 more seasonals. That’s Manager Jim and Barkeep Biscuit up top. A good couple of guys and further evidence that beer brings people together. If you’re in Portland and you like great beer, this is on your itinerary. A cool neighborhood pub with grub and sidewalk seating in a warehouse district. (Just a couple blocks from yesterday’s Lucky Labrador.)

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