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Hotel Review: Taybet Zaman – A Great Place to Stay in Petra

While visiting Petra I was a guest at an unusual hotel in the modern city. Originally an Ottoman-period village, Taybet Zaman Hotel and Resort is a collection of old dwellings that have been remodeled into accommodations. The map I received from the front desk looked more like a small town’s street plan than a hotel, and truth told it felt like one as I walked to and from my room or to the small pseudo bazaar of vendors at its center.

The restaurant is a stone hall at the property’s center, with arches holding up the ceiling and a warm light to make up for the shortage of windows. Food and service are good.

My room, which was connectable with the next, was at the low-end of the offerings and part of a row of rooms in a single-story building at the property’s edge, a short set of stairs down the hillside from the rest of the resort.

The room was comfortable enough but some of the amenities were a bit outdated. There was a small, old TV, but what did that matter anyway? The bath looked old school as well, but in more of an early 20th-century style of tiles and fixtures, and as it was clean and functional, it actually added to the atmosphere. I’m guessing Ottoman-period plumbing wouldn’t have been a good idea.

The beds were a couple of twins planted awkwardly together and joined by a pad under the sheets. Higher grade rooms looked nicer but this was certainly nice enough (despite the bed situation which should raise eyebrows).

The pool is nice in midday sun, but as this is the desert, the water is kept quite cool to combat the heat, and thus anything toward late afternoon when the sun starts to sunk will feel like a dip in a cold mountain spring.

A better time will be had at the Turkish bath, the hamam. Spa treatments are a lovely thing after traipsing around climbing up cliff faces in the dusty desert all day.

WiFi is limited to the lobby and a bit in the dining room. The view off the back of the property is worth some staring time. Really impressive.

Prices depend on room level and season but can range from just under USD$100 to up over $200. In the morning, you are just a 10 to 15-minute drive from the visitor center at Petra.

Hotels in Petra come in a wide price range from about $20USD/night on up to over $200, for example, at the Moevenpick.

A notable food recommendation is Petra Kitchen where you learn to cook Jordanian and then eat your classwork with your fellow students.

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