Enter the Snake: Photos from Tet in Saigon

Tet 2013 Saigon

Just a handful of shots from tonight. At midnight began the year of the snake here in Saigon. We headed up to the 10th floor of the hotel to watch the fireworks down by the river near the Majestic Hotel. Here are a few of the more successful captures. The lighted street below is Bui Vien, the backpacker zone. The skyscraper with the lighted top is Bitexco Financial Tower.







Kids from the house next door to our hotel. They took turns with the two-person lion costume and even fought a couple battles with a fan as a sword. The cutest part of it was the smallest kid who was swallowed up by the hind end portion and never could see where he was going. He would either wander off in front of the head or run right into the head when it stopped.


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