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Self-Driving Along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

One of the most enjoyable trips ever. We spent 10 days along the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert before heading to Etosha National Park. The trip was organized by Charles Slater and Remote Recreation. An amazing experience. Unforgetable…

Angolan fishing trawler, the Zeila, shipwrecked August 25, 2008 near Henties


Kevin Revolinski

Author, travel writer/photographer, world traveler. Writes about travel, hiking, camping, paddling, and craft beer.

3 thoughts on “Self-Driving Along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia

  • Renee Lajcak

    What is the skull from in the second photo? I picked up a smaller (MUCH smaller) one that looked similar in Alaska many years ago. I thought it was from a sea lion.

    • I think it was a coyote or the like on the farm in Moquah. I sure hope it wasn’t Laddie’s, dug up and carried into the woods by something!

    • Kevin Revolinski

      Ha, ignore my blind response to the wrong skull in the wrong post! The second photo is actually the vertebrae/hip of a whale. The skull farther down was an oryx, prompting me to go Hamlet with my pun: Alas, poor Oryx! I knew him well, Horatio!


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