Why I Use Travelex

Travel insurance. Sounds pretty responsible and perhaps wasn’t something I considered as a backpacker. But it takes one screwed up trip or accident or illness to not just ruin a trip, but also put you in a financial mess that may ruin your chances of traveling in the near future.

When I caved in and decided to buy some, I didn’t know where to start. Then I remembered that when I worked for Rough Guides, they actually paid for my travel insurance for a year. I dug through my filing cabinet and there it was Travelex. I figured that was a pretty good ringing endorsement right there. I checked the prices and coverage, and they seemed fair. I checked some online reviews, especially from people who had had to use it, and they were positive. That settled it. So I can tell you for the past three years, my travel insurance has been through Travelex, and not with any kind of kickbacks or sponsorship either.

I have signed on for their affiliate program, to be fair, and there is an affiliate link from my Travel Planner page. I figure if I use them, I trust them, so I can refer you to them in good conscience. Anything from winter snowstorms to political protest airport shutdowns can happen. I don’t mind paying a bit to avoid some headaches.

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