City Museum in St. Louis (Video)

City Museum in St. Louis

City Museum will leave you breathless. I just stood for a long time taking in the details — the wall made of old lab mice trays, the rebar bent into curling monkey-bar style tunnels suspended high overhead — and my next thought was: lawsuit waiting to happen. Not because I feel the place is dangerous — everything I climbed around on was sturdy as hell even for an adult — but because in many ways in America we’ve become a little excessive in pounding the rough edges off of things so no one ever skins a knee. And in doing so
we’ve pounded a lot of the fun out of the world. I think the fact that this place even exists is a hopeful sign that there is still some fun left out there and a whole lot of creativity. This place really pulls at the inner child and I really didn’t want to leave until I had seen everything.

A new display was added in June 2009 out on the roof and includes a Ferris wheel. Don’t miss the seven-story slide down the middle shaft of the building. There’s food here if you need it, a gift shop, places for tired adults (or kids) to sit a while, and even an aquarium that allows for some touching of critters (at an extra entry charge of $6).
Next time you’re in St. Louis, don’t miss this (even if you are not with in kids in tow!)


701 North 15th Street

St. Louis, MO 63103

(314) 231-CITY

City Museum Home Page

Entry $12 (discounts for groups of 15+)

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