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Storing Bags in Luggage Lockers at Györ Train Station


Depending on how much time you have, Györ, Hungary can make a pleasant small city stop on a train or car trip from Vienna to Budapest. Especially with a Eurail pass or the like, it is easy to hop off the train for a few hours and stroll this laid-back and beautiful little town. The city center is a short walk from Györ Train Station. (alternatively, Gyeor when a website isn’t using umlauts)


Luggage storage at Györ Train Station is limited, but so are the number of people using it here.

The station is a bit rough around the edges, maybe could use some paint. The arrival/departure boards have the old-school flip boards that flutter as the new information goes up. A sign in the lobby shows the regularly scheduled departure and arrival times with train numbers, key stops, and the platform it will stop at. There are 7 platforms all connected by an underpass with steps – no elevators. Train announcements are also given in English, which is not always the case here in Hungary.


The lockers are located at the center of the station just inside the lobby from the first platform. As you come up the steps from under the tracks turn right and look behind the staircase along the wall in the corner. Sizes are quite ample and fees are 500 Forint and 400 Forint for the smaller one **** confirm. We had three soft bags, one duffel and two backpacks, which fit in the 500 Ft locker with room to spare. The lockers require 50-, 100-, or 200-Ft coins. They don’t give change or refunds. There is no change machine here, but you may try to annoy the convenience store vendors for coins. There is also no money changing here. But the central square is a short walk north of the station and you can find on in the heart of the city.

Special Note: If you are worried the baggage storage might be full or simply don’t want to leave it to chance, there is also a great luggage storage service similar to AirBNB that uses local businesses for your luggage. You can pre-pay and reserve storage before you even arrive. Check out Stasher to see possible locations in Hungary and compare prices as well.

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8 thoughts on “Storing Bags in Luggage Lockers at Györ Train Station

  • What a treat; difficult to find lockers anymore and those look roomy. Nice find.

  • I stored my bag in one of these “boxes” when in Ljubljana, Slovenia… and one of the machines just ate my coins!

  • Thanks for the info Kevin. We’ve got a visit coming up in Gyor and your info will certainly help us. Cheers. 🙂

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  • Would the locker fit a suitcase?

    • I can’t say for sure, but based on that photo and another I have here, I don’t think so. We managed to put a medium-sized backpack in there (what you see) and it was almost all the way to the back. That is perhaps 60 cm deep. I think an overhead compartment sized suitcase might fit, but definitely not a full-sized bag. Maybe a hotel nearby would negotiate some pocket change to hold on to a bag for the day.


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