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Photo Gallery: Menjangan Island Dive in Bali

Menjangan Island is part of the national park on Bali. It shows a rocky shoreline with some white sandy beaches where my dive group took lunch. The wall dive along the south shore and eastern point has abundant reef fish plus lacy sea fans and a variety of sponges. Off the north shore on a sloping sandy bottom is the Anker Wreck, which we didn’t visit on this trip.

The big creatures occasionally get spotted out here but this was April and not the best season. Whales, whale sharks and manta rays will sometimes pass through.

Off the point of the island the current picked up and made this a real “dive-by”, but the rest of the time it was slim to none and perfect for a leisurely swim past some amazing colors.

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Here are a few photo samples from the dive (April 3, 2009)

Scissortail goby (or blackfin dartfish)

The island’s coastline.

A modern bookshelf-like formation right under the boat when we got in.

I figured we finally got the guy out of office but I still can’t go anywhere without a reminder of him! (That’s a W joke.)

Yes, just like Nemo.

Like something out of a nightmare, but no bigger than my fist. Look at the teeth on these little fish traps.

Looking for an ID on this one.

A beautiful coral view.

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  • Wow, the picture in diving are so very nice and safe to dive, It is really love diving, but just make sure you have great train in diving.


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