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Kenya Safari Photos: Amboseli Gallery

Enjoy some photos of what I saw on safari in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. Read more about our safari in Amboseli on the Mad Traveler blog.

Classic zebra pose. Many antelope and waterbuck did this also, but the zebras were typical. Run away from the approaching vehicle and cameras? Nope. Just point your arse at them. I wonder if this is similar to Tweety Bird covering his eyes and believing everyone else is gone if you can't see them.

Sunbeams coming down on the plains later in the day in Amboseli.

A lone wildebeest wandering through the national park.

Waters from melting snow and glacier on Mount Kilimanjaro feed the rivers and swamps, which come and go in Amboseli.

Mount Kilimanjaro comes and goes with the clouds, but when it's present, the scenery is even more astounding.

The baby elephants were adorable and could be seen learning how to use their trunks, being nursed by mom, and just running about as kids will do.

If it's even possible to get sick of seeing elephants, it would happen at Amboseli. There are (literally) tons of them.

Members of the local tribe walking. And walking. And walking. In general in Kenya, especially when vehicles and petrol are expensive, walking is the way to go. We saw many folks, some dressed in Sunday's best, walking along the highway, no doubt for miles and miles judging by land empty to the horizon.

You almost feel sorry for hyenas. Ugly as ugly can be, fly covered, and not especially liked by the other animals. This one looked a bit sickly when we compared it to other photos.

This hippo looked us over quite carefully before lumbering across the road to the next muddy swamp path.

All creatures great and small at Amboseli. This is a dung beetle we spotted by the roadside. These guys roll shit for a living, then die. And you'll not see anyone work faster. I took dozens of photos. This is one of the few that wasn't blurry due to his frantic movements.

Flocks of birds over herds of elephants. That just screams Africa, no?

Nothing quite so amazing as seeing a bird so lovely in abundance.

(You can see these crested cranes in Wisconsin)

What a bunch of posers. Hip hairdos, great color scheme. The crested crane.

A bit of lucky timing and a perfect angle for this fish eagle against Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

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