Turks and Caicos, Provo – Day 2

A DJ from Miami livened up the crowd as attendees of the Turks & Caicos 3rd Annual International Film Festival gathered in the courtyard of The Alexandra Hotel in Provo for a soiree. Expectation lingered in the air as partygoers stood about sipping Dom Perignon, if they were somebody, or simple rum and Coke if they weren’t so much (hey! that’s me!) — expectations of seeing the stars come out. “Isn’t that that guy that was on The Apprentice?” Jasmine Guy is said to be hanging about here somewhere and First Lady of the islands LisaRaye is scheduled to appear on Friday. (And I am supposed to land an interview with her for an assignment. Still waiting on a confirmation.) The party went on until the wee hours and I hoped all the garden room guests were dancing because they surely weren’t going to be able to sleep with the music pounding. I was happy to return to Ocean Club West and have a surf-lullaby outside my window.

Day Two was a trip to The Regent Palm Hotel to witness a panel of producers/directors talking about financing films. Then the screenings began with a few short films and some longer ones toward the end of the day. Some of the films on hand? Documentaries such as The World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band and a history of the legendary Staxx Records, and feature film El Cantante starring J. Lo and her husband (still married? I don’t keep track) salsero/actor Marc Anthony who plays salsero Hecor Lavoe (not much of a stretch I guess).

It’s upper 80s, breezy and humid, mostly sunny and mostly stunning. Beach by day, beach by night. A relaxing float along the turquoise and then back to the sand where the films are shown on a 40-foot screen. Did I mention most of the events are free???
And today’s dessert: Key lime pie!
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