Travel Photo: Ortahisar in Cappadocia


A full moon on the rise and snow-capped Mount Erciyes (Central Anatolia’s highest peak) beyond, but center stage here is the small fortress carved from a natural rock outcrop in the town of Ortahisar. This was my third trip to Turkey’s Cappadocia (photos here) region and a trip I had promised Tip for a long time. We stayed at Castle Inn in Ortahisar (great) and while most of the time we ate at simple local eateries, one night we dined at Tandir Cafe, perhaps the finest restaurant in town. We were the only customers there at the time, and the windows of the dining room opened wide to the narrow gorges below (perfect for hiking) and the town skyline beyond. Our guesthouse is somewhere close to the fortress just off to the left of the shot. Tandir Cafe picked us up from the hotel but everything in Ortahisar is walkable and we even walked all the way to Çavuşin and Göreme during a day of hiking.

Turkey is my favorite country for travel, possibly because I lived there a year. You can read other posts about Turkey here on my blog, or find full articles and photo galleries from Turkey on the Mad Traveler site.

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6 thoughts on “Travel Photo: Ortahisar in Cappadocia

  • A couple of weeks ago we were Couchsurfing with a couple who’d travelled there at some point in the previous year and they’d captured loads of great videos which they showed us one rainy day when we didn’t dare go outside and – as you can tell from this picture – it’s a really special kind of place.

    • Natalie,
      This is the worst comment delayed response ever! I somehow didn’t see it. Sorry, didn’t mean to ignore it! I hope all is well.


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  • Stayed in Goreme when we went to Cappadocia and while our views were not quite as dramatic as the one you captures here, it totally takes me back. This town is close to Goreme I think and those cave houses sure seem familiar to me. Definitely a special place in Turkey and our planet.

    • Goreme is not far from here. A short dolmush ride or a very long walk. I stayed in Goreme back in 1998 and it was a lot quieter, more like Uchisar is now (actually even quieter than this!)


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