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Strange Brain in Hong Kong

Signs of course with dodgy English translation are constant sources of amusement overseas and Hong Kong is a treasure trove. No Naked Lights at the gas station. (Open flame? Or the modern equivalent of x-ray vision glasses to see through people’s clothes such as what one used to be able to buy from comic book ads?)

Beware my head indeed. Lots of crazy thoughts there as I found out last night.

First my favorite places on this Hong Kong trip…

Jade Market. Not that I ever buy stuff like that, but it is a very interesting stone color, especially the super green Myanmar version and agates are also on sale, which my grandmother used to find along the railroad tracks up north in Wisconsin and collected over the years.

Temple Street Market. This runs from about 4 pm to midnight for bargain shoppers, local color, and (my interest) fresh squirming seafood you can eat at tables in the street for much cheaper than in the hoity toity places likely Stanley Market. Dysentery be damned!

Tin Hau temple with huge incense coils suspended from the ceiling. Fun for photos.

Wong Tai Sin temple is chaotic and pushy and clearly the most popular.

It is a Taoist temple and people burn incense for luck in the new year or get their fortunes told. Be prepared to inhale loads of incense.

And my weird story that raised a few hairs on my arms… One of our friends moved rooms at the Anne Black YWCA because she had a sixth sense creepy ghost feeling. This is a Thai tradition of experiencing the haunted world. I am safe from that sort of thing, thankfully, because I don’t believe in it. Therefore, nothing ever happens to me… or does it?

So I had this dream about an old college buddy last night. All I remember is we were in some kind of weird nice mansion/hotel lobby maybe and I asked him “Have you listened to “Ana Ng” by They Might Be Giants recently?” I haven’t heard that song since the 80s; it’s track one on . I woke up and remembered nothing more than that part of the dream and had the song in my head all morning. I went to the agent meet Chinese education consultants here in Hong Kong. My appointment failed to show up. The school at the neighboring table also was late, but their appointment was there and so I said Hi. The woman asked me who I represent. WESLI, an English school in Madison WI, I told her. So she came to my table and said she could learn about my school while she waited for her appointment to show. We chatted, I gave her my materials and took hers. She left when the school showed up. I immediately started jotting down notes and then looked more closely at her business card to jot down her name…. Anna Ng. Whoa…

And off to China I go…

[additional note: said friend emailed me back to say he actually IS in a sort of mansion-like resort right now with his family!]

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