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Just wanted to point out that some blogs that I couldn’t type up a couple weeks ago are now viewable below in the order that they occurred. Some pics too. Today i am in Bangkok still, visiting agents to talk to them about WESLI. Temps in the 90s. I’d enjoy that a whole lot more if I didn’t have a tie on!

After a long day of walking and sweating and eating street food as I hunted agencies in the tangle of Thai streets (and street signs in Thai), I came back late to the hotel room. As I turned away from the sink in the bathroom, my WESLI pen, balanced precariously over my ear (which really puzzles foreigners by the way), slipped forward, and with the lightning reaction speed only possible in birds, squirrels and other creatures convinced that they are constantly the target of predators, bullies, falling anvils or taxi cabs, I caught that valuable pen to save it from the gaping bowl of the toilet thus pinning it to my shoulder, thus clicking the pen, and thus carving a 3/4-inch wound that can only be described as a FURROW across the palm of my hand. There was blood. There was profanity. The pen was saved from the ignominy of a full-on swirly, and though it lacks the street cred of barbed wire or a skull and cross bones, I am pretty sure I have my first tattoo.

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