O’so Brewing Opens Its New Brewery and Tap House

November 4 the rapidly growing Central Wisconsin microbrewery O’so Brewing opened its new facility in Plover. And more than a few people noticed. From late afternoon well into the night the new tap room was packed with fans who had gathered to celebrate the event.

The new tap room has a lot of space (though that was tested last Friday with such a huge crowd) and both a long bar and some tall cocktail tables along the windows that look into the brewery. On tap is a pretty great selection of O’so’s long line-up of beers, plus a number of Wisconsin-only craft beers from fellow brewers throughout the state. Total taps? 40! As this was a O’so event, I kept to the O’so lineup, but the rest of the list was pretty stellar too. Wausau’s Red Eye, Appleton’s Stone Cellar, Arena’s Lake Louie, Green Bay’s Titletown and Hinterland, Lake Mills’ Tyranena… the list goes on and will change often.

The new brewhouse has a 30-barrel system (compared to the previous 12) and more fermentation space. They could brew up to 15000 barrels per year eventually, but in the first year they expect to do about 5000. Says co-owner and brewer Marc Buttera, “We’re focusing on quality this year. How do we make our beer so that every time you open it it blows you away?”

I got to the party at 5pm and the place was already packed. I took it slow for the night with three. Here’s my own short sample list before grabbing some pizza at Polito’s in Stevens Point before heading home. (The italicized beer descriptions from O’so)

Hop Whoopin’TM
“This is an all out taste bud assult. Hop Whoopin delivers up freakish goodness in a lopsided hop bomb. Don’t ask the IBU’s, try the IBU’s (95 professionally analyzed). Smell the mixed bouquet of citrus and pine before unleashing the bitter terror. Your tongue will never forgive you!” This was on a nitro tap and rings in at 7% ABV. Watch for it in 4-packs in 2012!

“Anniversary offering, Imperial Red. Heavily hopped and oak aged, very balanced.” This came in a tulip glass and packed a punch at ABV 9.2%. A real nice slow-sipping beer. Available in early winter in 4-packs. Not a bad holiday gift!

Night TrainTM
“This complex Oatmeal porter is as black as coal that fueled locomotives for generations Made with judicious amounts of crystal and chocolate malt for a rich, smooth, creamy experience. Go ahead and jump on the night train. Enjoy! During Festival Season 2008 & 2009, Night Train has won O’so Five of Six awards! ABV: 7.2%, 49 IBUs, 86 SRM” I get this from time to time down at The Old Fashioned in Madison.

Of course we love local beer and supporting local businesses. But what’s even better is when that local business loves us back. This wasn’t just a brewery celebrating its success; the event itself was also a Toys for Tots donation round up. (Donations put you in a raffle for Packers-Lions tickets!) Additionally, the guided tours of the new brewery cost patrons $1 that night, all of which was going to be donated to Operation Bootstrap’s Holiday Basket Project to fight local hunger.

Pictured here: Katina Buttera founded Point Brew Supply (now also relocated next door) with her brewing husband Marc Buttera, who partnered with Bart Peterson to start up O’so back in 2007. Katina raffled off prizes and never stood still the whole night. When you see these people move, you understand why the brewery is so successful. I got tired just watching. Had to have another beer to feel better.

So what’re you waiting for? Get over to Plover and have your own little grand opening at O’so Brewery’s Tap House!

O’so Brewing Company (See Map)
3028 Village Park Drive
Plover, WI 54467

Tap House Hours:
Mon-Fri 3pm-9pm, Sat noon-9pm, Sun 10am-4pm

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Kevin Revolinski

Author, travel writer/photographer, world traveler. Writes about travel, hiking, camping, paddling, and craft beer.

3 thoughts on “O’so Brewing Opens Its New Brewery and Tap House

  • When I was in college a few of my friends would occasionally drink Night Train wine. It cost $2.51 and would mess you up. It was cheaper for a bottle of this nasty concoction than one pint of the same named beer.

    • Well somehow THAT Night Train ended up in Panama (Americans in the Canal Zone no doubt) and it got the nickname “baja panti” – lowers panties. Classy.

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