Now’s the time to visit Wisconsin Dells

OK, so June’s flooding across the Midwest was a frightening disaster and one of the more amazing images was of a couple of houses in Wisconsin Dells being swept away when Lake Delton busted through a highway embankment and drained into the Wisconsin River. So many are probably thinking it will be a long time before the Dells are up and running. Not so! Though a good number of Mom and Pop hotels are now without a lake, the rest of the Wisconsin Dells — the water parks, ducks, museums, and such — are almost all up and running. The trouble for them is no one’s coming to town. Now’s your chance. Those big crowds that typically overrun the water slides? Not there. And area businesses are in a panic. In order to draw more people they are dropping prices. Hotels hit hardest are getting help from neighborhood businesses. For example, Sandrift Resort has dropped its prices to mid-season (not high-season) rates AND Mount Olympus Water Park (only the water park part) is giving all Sandrift guests free daily tickets. Figure $79 for a studio with kitchenette and room for 4 people. That’s 20 bucks a day for accommodations and waterslide shenanigans. Chula Vista is giving away tix to Tommy Bartlett (yes, the famed waterski show is still on, but now the landbased portions make up the whole of the 90 minute show). Plus there are loads of other 50% discounts for many hotel guests.

The drained lake is a sight to see in itself. Don’t let its absense deter you. Nearby Mirror Lake State Park is much more beautiful anyway, and the real reason most people come to the Dells is for the water parks. So check out the current deals at Travel Wisconsin. You’ll be helping some mom and pop businesses survive and getting a great deal at the same time. Win-win.

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One thought on “Now’s the time to visit Wisconsin Dells

  • I really, really would love to hit the Dells this summer–partially for the usual Dells nonsense (I’ve never been to House on the Rock yet, for shame!), but particularly to see what’s left of Lake Delton and to take in the water-less Tommy Bartlett Show. Maybe I’ll find some time in August…


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