New Beer Alert: Furthermore’s Make-Weight

The thing about the Wisconsin Beer Guide: A Travel Companion is I need to keep looking for beer news so I can be ready for the eventual 2nd Edition. That means tasting new beers whenever necessary. Furthermore Beer is a relatively young company out of Spring Green but with their creative twists on brews they have really hit the ground running. Their latest concoction will help you too hit the ground, though probably not running. At 8.5% alcohol, it’s pretty potent stuff and “You don’t want to be doing anything else while your drinking it, so you can concentrate on how much you had,” says brewmaster Aran Madden. In their own words:

“Our triple pale is a bastardization of three regionally distinctive recipes that were stacked in unequal measure in order to make a beefy beer which highlights each recipe’s finer points: Esters from a dominant Flanders yeast are reigned-in by cleaner American and London strains; Kent Golding hops provide mild bitterness, giving English and Belgian specialty malts room to breath; Oregonian hops offer a fragrant nose; Belgian candy sugar boosts the strength of this mash-up to 8.5% ABV.”

Check them out at their web site (where you can find where to check them out at your local bar or liquor store!)

Need a copy of the beer guide? (Yes, Furthermore Beer is in there) Go to The Mad Traveler.

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