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My 7 Links: Best of the Mad Traveler

Katie at Tripbase started a project called My 7 Links wherein travel bloggers choose 7 archived posts based on 7 categories and post them as a roundup. It’s been sort of a tag-you’re-it nomination process and I was honored to be tagged by James Clark of Nomadic Notes, Backpacking Matt Kyhnn of Life’s A Journey and Ted of Traveling Ted TV. Here are my 7 posts; be sure to see who I nominated at the bottom as well!

My Most Popular Post

Japan, Radiation, and Poor Taste: When to Panic?

Nothing like being in the right place at the wrong time. Topics such as the Red Shirt demonstrations and crackdown in Bangkok drew traffic as they were timely posts and I was in the thick of it all. But the biggest draw came from my observations on the road during the height of the Japanese radiation/tsunami crisis. In the middle of multi-country Asian business trip, I had to cancel my appointments and trip to Japan. Meanwhile, I witnessed the reactions of the two Chinas on the inside and the US media from the outside.


My Most Controversial Post

Water You Thinkin’? Blog Action Day 2010

I haven’t seen much in the way of controversy (yet). Although I did post something on Blog Action Day in 2010 when the theme was Water. It’s a big issue in Southeast Asia (where I was at the time) and people need to face up to it. I did receive one comment that set my teeth on edge and so I deleted it to avoid obsessing about it (a rant to the tune of “You liberals want it both ways – the water is rising or the water is running out. Which is it?”. But it was so perfectly illogical and yet cleverly so, that at the end of the day I suspected I knew the poster was a good friend of mine having a laugh. And so it was. I regret deleting it now – it was quintessentially mouthbreather.


My Most Helpful Post

What to Do in Singapore? Eat, Papa, Eat!

Everybody likes to know what to eat when they arrive at their destination. Isn’t food the prime reason for travel? Well… isn’t it??? My food experience of Singapore including a messy crab feast and still gets hits.


Surprisingly Successful Post

A Life More Ordinary: Reflections on Shoveling and Suitcases

Galapagos, Patagonia, Bangkok, Burma – I’ve been to a few places that might pique a person’s interest, but my blog post about arriving home in Wisconsin and shoveling snow while reflecting on travel makes me rethink what people want to read about.


My Most Beautiful Post

Photo of the Week: Wisconsin Wild Lupine

Most Beautiful has to go to one of the photos. The most recent of which came on a gloomy, rainy day with unseasonably cold temperatures near Lake Superior. Again a My Backyard post rather than Far, Far Away.


The Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

War and Peace: Hiroshima’s Legacy

The subject is an important one and I don’t think I’ve been to another war-based museum so focused on peace and the waste of war rather than commemorating war heroes and pushing an us vs. them or nationalist sensibility, no matter how subtle. The Peace Museum in Hiroshima does it right. Not a blame game, not a denial of Japanese jingoism and atrocities. Truly a Peace Museum.


The Post I’m Most Proud Of

Summerfest Finale: Elvis and ELVIS (Costello)
It was my first time shooting in the photographer’s pit at a big concert. I was surrounded by the pros with their big glass and Canons and dealing with the challenging color and light issues on the fly with the pressure of “first three songs and you’re done.” I ended up with a lot of really good shots, many of which ended up in print for a Summerfest article while an Elvis Costello shot is destined for my living room wall. I had a return trip to Summerfest 2011 last month.

And I in turn nominate Runaway Juno, GotPassport, Traveling Savage, Traveling Ted, and Stop Having a Boring Life! Let’s see those 7 Posts

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    • This heat makes EVERYONE lazy. I actually went to your site to quickly see if you had done one already and didn’t page all the way down apparently. Now that’s some lazy!

      • I can see how that can happen. My home page is kind of cluttered with links and pictures and not necessarily the newest posts. I do have a recent post section, but it is small and down quite a bit on the right. Stay cool.


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