Kyoto, Shmeeyoto

No, just kidding, Kyoto was cool. Lots of history for a former capital of the empire. Temples and shrines galore and I managed to find a great personal tour from the owner of Your Japan Tour, Ian, a Canadian who has lived there now 20 years. We hit a few of the popular get off the bus type places but he spent a lot of time taking me through real old school markets, hole in the wall shops and restaurants, etc. But I am WAY behind on blogs thanks to being so far afield in Southern Thailand and my amazing inability to remember how I set this account up to begin with. Ugh. After the day trip I took the train to Tokyo, waited near the airport and took an easy 6-hour flight to Bangkok! I will be doing some catch up blogs and hopefully pre-dating them so you will have some prequel material next week… but let’s talk about Thai traffic….

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