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Cathay Pacific to Singapore: I Must Have Seats in Front Row

In the midst of the Era of Air Travel Hell, it is rare one gets a little treat. But fortune shined upon us last weekend as we checked in for our Cathay Pacific flight from Bangkok to Singapore. We had picked up a couple of tickets of the economy type at about $150 r/t, even cheaper at the time and short notice than budget king Air Asia. If I understand the fine print we don’t even get air-miles credit for the darn thing. So the heavens opened up and shined a beam of golden light on us when were told “We are upgrading you to Business Class.” But I said I wanted a WINDOW seat! Wait… what did you say???

And so it was, one week after our wedding, and though we publicly contend that my four-day Singapore renew Thai visa run was not a honeymoon, it sure had a honeymooner’s start. Being an independent travel writer I am typically pinching the hell out of all pennies to make this work. First or business class is unlikely to ever be intentional (except for that year I was Platinum at American Airlines… give a wistful moment here… OK.) So any time I do get a chance to sit at the grown ups’ table, I get a little giddy. It’s like Huck Finn when he sees a door with a proper brass doorknob on it for the first time out in the country. “I hadn’t seen no Pinot Noir in coach before. And this was out of a big glass bottle!” A wine list, port, whiskey, Perrier. ‘Scuse me, ma’am, are these free? And I can have as many as I want?? I slowed down halfway through the flight so Ms. Peung wouldn’t have any carry-off luggage. But really the best treat of biz and first class? A flight attendant kissing ass rather than being one. My bag’s not under the seat in front of me? She apologizes to have to tell me what I should already know. Sorry, sir, she says as she bends to move it for me. Oh, no, I’m sorry! I reach for it as well, sorry! And she says sorry and we are all sorry and everyone is so happy to be sorry. Let’s have another drink. I have a name and they use it. Is there anything else I need? Sure, no problem. Room to work on my laptop. Room for feet and elbows. Yes, I would like a hot towel.

Champagne and orange juice. (So I made myself a mimosa, Sarah!) I’m still a little surprised to find a Buddhist monk in First Class by the way. What would Buddha do? Take the upgrade and Recline:

Fast forward to the return leg and we stood like hopeful beggars, big smiles on our faces as we received a set of tickets for… coach, of course. Sigh. I’ve always felt that the myth of the punishment for the Titan Tantalus — the waters that reclined from his thirst and the hanging fruits that pulled away from his grasp — would have been far more effective if for just one moment he had gotten a taste of them.

Come back to the blog this week for more about Singapore!

If my blog title seemed obscure to non-Wisconsinites, see this short video:

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2 thoughts on “Cathay Pacific to Singapore: I Must Have Seats in Front Row

  • Citizen Reader

    YAY! Business class all the way, baby. You and the Buddhist monks and Ms. Peung should all live a little. Mimosas all around!

  • Cathay Pacific must be a good airline. Seeing you and your sweet wife enjoying aboard seems like an outset evidence for me to put this airline in my priority list for my trip to Singapore. Thanks Kevin for sharing your post!


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