Beer Bloggles: Great Taste of the Midwest 2009

Another successful beer fest put together by the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild. What can I say? It’s simply the best, and there are many brewers and beer drinkers from around the Midwest who will agree.
This year’s weather looked unpleasant and it rained almost up to the 1 p.m. start time Saturday. But then the sun came out and the game was on.

These were the highlights for me, sort of random and based on what I can clearly remember or read from where I wrote it on my fest map or hand as only a true professional might do.

A slushy machine at Kuhnhenn Brewing was serving up a very frosty Crème Brulee Stout that was ridiculously good (also available just the normal way), plus they had another stout weighing in at 19% alcohol. Careful.

Jolly Pumpkin offered Weizen Bam, a sour Belgian wheat beer infused with a bit of lemon grass. Perfect for the return of the sun.

Short’s Brewing (Joe Short once made me drink my words when I heard about and wrinkled my nose at Bloody Mary beer) made me a believer again with Strawberry Short’s Cake, leading off with a nice berry tartness and topped with a strawberry and Redi-whip. I know, I know, these always sound bizarre, but Joe Short is a master at pulling these things off.

Tyranena Brewing
had Deb and Glenn’s Bourbon-Barrel Aged Blueberry Kinda Lambic. Took me much less time to drink it and lick out the glass than to write it.

The list goes on and gets a little fuzzy. Besides the brews there was plenty of music to go around including Mama Digdown’s (like the funky remnants of a brass marching band), a bit of yodeling, Irish music, strings, blues, rock and Americana.

I’m putting together a video of much of this hopefully to be posted in a couple days. Check back!

Meanwhile, check the new Mad Traveler article about kayaking in Door County.

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