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Bangkok Heat: Airport Protest on the Horizon?

Just over a year ago the “Yellow Shirts” held Thailand captive by shutting down both Bangkok airports with sit-in protests against a prime minister with ties to ex- and exiled Prime Minister Taksin who has charges pending against him. The opposing “Red Shirts” who have shown more of a propensity for physical violence (as opposed to the economic “violence” of cutting off Thailand’s tourism and investment, a real kick in the groin to an economy that isn’t exactly vibrant) have announced they will be demonstrating again as well. The fear is another takeover of airports, but this photo taken Saturday shows hefty ranks of police gathering at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in preparation. Last week someone launched a grenade into a general’s office in Bangkok. A major general affiliated with the Red Shirts has been summoned to court and says he will appear on Monday to answer questions about his alleged involvement in the act. Red Shirts vow to protest. Hopefully this will pass, banners will be waved, and life will go on. Back in the US as we all hyperanalyze every tiny slip of the tongue or turn of the polls and scream facism and socialism in turn, it is a wonder to me that I can go four days before hearing about a grenade through a window and only know about the police buildup because I took a wrong turn near the airport. Not able to read Thai or listen to the news, I barely had any inkling of the airports being closed last year. Is being “informed” always such a good thing? Ignorance really is bliss but sort of runs up against the wall when the camera crew shows up on your own street.

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