Ashes to ashes, snow to snow…

Turkey, the land at the center of history I’d say. I lived there a year and have returned many times since, but it never ceases to show me something new. I returned to Ephesus and the house of Mary on Easter Sunday no less, so the places were swarming with pilgrims. I visited the nearby tomb of St. John, which was a first for me. Much like in Wisconsin the weather has been erratic this year in Istanbul as well. An early spring and then a sudden return to the cold. So it was no surprise to me I suppose when I had my arrival flight in Madison canceled, just as the departure had been back in February — on account of a snow storm. But before I left Istanbul I stopped in at some of the local bookstores and found The Yogurt Man Cometh. I discovered perhaps THE best bookstore in Turkey: Galeri Kayseri English Bookshop in Old Istanbul. Over 2000 titles, all in English, and all about Turkey in some fashion. An amazing collection and I was happy to find myself in it. The man at the airport bookstore said, “Normally we don’t allow photos in the store,” (same in Thailand, beats me why) “but since you are the writer, it is OK.” He told me it was one of the four books there that sold the most. But a couple walks around my plane and I didn’t see any takers! 🙂 It was good to be home finally — even if it meant another three hours on a bus to Madison.

Kevin Revolinski

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