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Angkor Wat (Ta Prohm actually) and Postcards

Oh man I wish I could have come here years ago, when Raiders of the Lost Ark was still my favorite movie and just the theme song could get the pulse pumping and propel a kid’s feet up over rocks and fallen temple blocks. Here I am more than a couple decades later sweating in the jungle, amazed at the setting, and letting the sounds take me to a special place. Cicadas buzzing all around me. Flocks of parakeets screeching among the uppermost branches of the trees. Frogs whose chirps sound tremendously bird-like. And the voices of children shouting Sir, ten postcards one dollar! One dollar! You buy from me? Please sir! Ten postcards! Ten! (and then to prove it) “ooooWAN. TWO. TREE. FO. FI. SEEKS. SAWEN. AYY. NIGH. TEN!” It’s cute the first time. And less so at an exponentially increasing rate until about the three hundredth time when it is like a cotton swab being wiggled well past the Johnson & Johnson recommended safe limit, somewhere behind the eyeball. And then by temple number two it’s like a swarm of mosquitoes on Red Bull. “Buy postcard? No? You think about it? Maybe you buy from me? Maybe? When you come back. You come back. I wait for you, then you buy postcard. Ten. ONE, TWO…” If you want to see something funny, watch a couple of adults cautiously peeking out from a temple door to see if the coast is clear and then making a beeline for their ride, holding onto their sun hats and half running when they hear someone shout like a diminutive demon, “Hey, remember ME? Buy postcard??? Red rum! Red rum!” Various shows per day, at all temple sites. No set schedule.

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    Nice post. Angkor temple is located in the Cambodian region.This temple is the national symbol of Cambodia.Angkor Wat has also count in he Seven Wonders of the World. Best time to visit is december and January in winter.You can visit any time any day throughout the year.


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