Travel Photo of the Week: Sandy Point, St. Croix

Pictured: two great friends, former Peace Corps volunteers in Guatemala, one of whom I met on the balcony of a hostel in Panama City. We kept in touch and I came to veg out at their place in St. Croix for a month when I first decided to drop out of all other employment and just do travel writing. I owe them a lot of inspiration. Weeks later I was back, on my first book assignment for Rough Guides covering all of the Virgin Islands, US and British.

Here they are strolling the loveliest beach in all of the US Virgin Islands, Sandy Point on St. Croix. It was featured in The Shawshank Redemption at the very end (posing as Mexico). Because it is out on a point beyond a wide and lush nature preserve, there is no view of civilization unless you walk way down around the bend. It has the potential to be dangerous, what with the seclusion and all, but in groups we always felt OK. It’s a perfect place for a beach picnic and a swim.

The last time I was there, a hurricane far offshore had reached out with some turbulent waves and rubbed the beach down to some of the large boulders underneath. Such is the nature of beaches – they can come and go.

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