Travel Photo of the Week: London, England

In honor of the opening of the Olympics, this week’s travel photo is a shot in London. I’ve only been to London once and with local friends so it was nice to have a free place to stay. We had our obligatory fish and chips. Made our complaints about the prices of things. Even missed going inside Westminster Abbey because at that time what we had was what was in our pockets. Nuts. Our friends drove us out to see Shakespeare’s grave, Stonehenge, Bath and some other places, but in London the real highlight turned out to be worth more than we paid: a 5 pound ticket to see Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure at the Globe Theatre. We got in as groundlings and stood just two paces from the edge of the stage. It was magnificent.

This, of course, is Big Ben, which in variably reminds me of Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s European Vacation – they are caught in a traffic circle not sure how to exit (sound familiar, Wisconsin?) and so in a comic effort to lighten the mood, Clark keeps pointing out the sights every time they complete the circle: “Big Ben! Parliament!” (I do this myself whenever we are lost or going in a circle a trap of one-way streets in an unfamiliar town.)

Interesting fact about Big Ben: it was NOT the biggest four-face clock in the world for all those years! Since 1962, that title has been held by the Allen-Bradley tower in Milwaukee which was a bit taller and the faces of which were 40-feet in diameter compared to Big Ben’s 23 feet. Known as the Polish Moon, it has, however, lost its own title to a new crazy big hotel clock tower in Mecca.

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