Travel Photo of the Week: La Habana, Cuba

Havana, with its old-school American cars and dilapidated buildings, is a bit of a time warp, and the pace and rhythm of life there is unlike any you’ll encounter elsewhere. Like any tourist area, there are touts trying to sell you things from time to time. Some of these guys pictured have business elsewhere – a driver, a guesthouse tout or owner – but they were so wrapped up in a round of dominoes, that they couldn’t be bothered much. One guy, without even looking up from the table, mumbled Do you need a place to stay? when he saw me peripherally standing over them with my camera. Some very serious dominoes. Homestay is the way to go here. Find something close to the university in Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you get a chance, travel to Cuba and see all this before it eventually disappears.

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