Travel Photo of the Week: Kenya

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My first safari ever was in Kenya. The national parks there and wildlife reserves ā€“ both public and private ā€“ are amazing. My wife and I were quite camera crazy ever minute of the trip shooting way more photos of elephants than we will ever look at, closeups of lions, a variety of African birds, even dung beetles. (You can see all those in blog posts and safari photo galleries on the website and here on the blog)

So this week, rather than another shot of Nature, red in tooth and claw, I thought Iā€™d post a people picture. As we traveled along the Nairobi-Mobasa highway on our way to Amboseli National Park, the skies opened up for some rain and turned the half-beaten highway into a mud bath and obstacle course. Along the road we saw people on their way to who knows where — many people have no vehicles and walk great distances in a day — and these people were the only color in the mud and gray of the day. The light was poor, the van was bouncing, and the rain was blurring. But something about this shot just appealed to me anyway.

And in the background are the first animals we saw. “Oh my god! Look! It’s… Oh. Cattle.” Later on, however, it was the reverse. “Meh, just another herd of… wait. Are those zebras??? And a giraffe just wandering the countryside far from any sort of preserve.” Very cool.

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