Travel Photo of the Week: Dubai and Burj al-Arab

Dubai is just really a city of excess (like the complete opposite of my Kuwait City experience) and while I can’t say this would be my choice for vacation, I have to say it was a pleasure to see the circus. This is the allegedly seven-star hotel Burj al Arab located in Jumeirah, a residential neighborhood of Dubai. It’s right on the coast and at its center is a luxury hotel zone. This Jumeirah centerpiece hotel has a helipad which is also allegedly a tennis court (used in a commercial with Agassi and Federer) but as we weren’t even allowed out the door for insurance purposes, I’m sure that tennis thing was PR bunk – (though it does play up to the image of Dubai excess).

While writing a story about a local Rotary member, I got a tour of the place, including the two-story Presidential suite. Some of the color-schemes inside the hotel are a bit gaudy, but OK, I admit I wouldn’t turn down a free night here.

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