Travel Photo of the Week: Catacombs in Lima, Peru

I see dead people. Or at least their noggins. Nothing like circles of old monk skulls taking an eternal bite of the dust. One of Lima’s most important sites, the Monastery of San Francisco is in the heart of the old city. The center of Lima is actually listed in its entirety as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery is just one block from Plaza Mayor and I stayed at a hostel just a few blocks from there. I stayed at Hotel EspaƱa, which was a quirky sort of low-budget hotel with more style than one might expect — Greek-style statues, gardens on the rooftop, etc.

Deep inside the monastery are the catacombs and the bones of an estimated 70,000 people. Suffice it to say, concentric circles of skulls are a bit on the creepy side. Go here during Holy Week and you can see processions in the street outside with groups of men carrying huge heavy icons weighted down by all the silver and gold.

My time there and the people I met inspired a short story (fiction) — not the first I published but the first that someone offered money for (a lot of fiction paid in copies of the magazine). But the mag went belly up before it went to print and that story remains on the hard drive. Some day I might have to pull that out with a few others and e-publish…

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  • July 11, 2013 at 1:54 am

    Are there pictures of the various catacombs ruins to purchase? Please advise.

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