Travel Photo of the Week: Carnival Masks in Venice

This weekend is Carnival in Catholic-influenced places around the world. I’ve been to Mardi Gras (just a few months after Katrina — a low key year to say the least, but the show went on). I’ve joined in Carnival in Curacao, where you can contact a participating group, pay a fee, send your measurements, and show up to claim your tailor-made costume for the festivities. You get to be part of the parade. And finally, I picked up a squeaking plastic hammer and smacked perfect strangers over the head during Carnival in Sicily. They had some excellent floats there in Acireale, and claim to be the most beautiful carnevale in all of Sicily.

But one Carnival experience that I really want to have is Carnevale in Venice. Something about those masks seems so classic and classy. Though I wasn’t there for the event, the masks were already in a few shop windows. It’s not like a person needs an excuse to want to visit Italy, but this would qualify.

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