Travel Photo of the Week: Bahrain

Some weeks I just can’t even get around to posting a simple single photo. I have 10 minutes to post this and then it’s off to the Bangkok airport for a flight to Amman, Jordan. As this is my first return to the Middle East (outside Turkey, which I don’t necessarily count as M.E.) I thought this week’s travel photo ought to be from my last trip there. In fact, my last country visited there: Bahrain.

Nothing fancy, just a shot from a local neighborhood as I wandered around in the streets. I never would have imagined just four years later protesters would be rising up in the streets. Tomorrow I land in Amman, spend one night, and then head overland to Israel for a week of hitting the highlights, mostly Jerusalem. Then back to Jordan for 10 days of what looks to be another amazing trip. From Petra to diving the Red Sea. Stay tuned!

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