Travel Photo of the Week: Ao Nang, Thailand

Krabi is one of my favorite provinces in all of Thailand. Here is a shot from the beach at Ao Nang, a coastal town not far from Krabi Town, around sunset. The iconic longtail boats shown here can be found throughout southern Thailand. From Ao Nang, these function as tour boats and transports out to the many beautiful limestone karst islands off shore here and to the peninsular rock climbing haven of Railay. They can be louder than hell and you can often hear one off in the distance puttering across the water.

This is the Andaman Sea, where the tragic tsunami of December 26, 2004 occurred. I once interviewed Marko Cunningham, a volunteer ambulance driver who was down here during the clean up after that tragedy.

Next week, Peung and I will be going to southern Thailand for a week of island hopping in Trang one province down from Krabi. We’ve been around a few nice places in the south, but Trang got nothing more than a drive-by when we were coming back to Krabi from Satun and our trip to Koh Tarutao National Park with its amazing snorkeling out around Koh Adang, Koh Lipe, and Koh Rawi.

Trang promises some good snorkeling as well. But the failure of my brand new Canon S100 is a real disappointment as we hoped to get some snorkeling shots and with a lot of luck, a photo of a dugong, a sea creature similar to a manatee, only found in that region. Grrr, Canon! Had to ship that back to a friend in the US so they can mail it in to see if the warranty will cover it.

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