Photo of the Week: Get ‘Er Done, Thai Style

I have been a bit tied up over the last few weeks with the book tour for my recently released 2nd Edition of Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide, so I have perhaps let my blog go a little bit. So I should at least get an oddball photo up. So here’s a bit of something from about a month and a half ago from Thailand when we were in Hua Hin for a bit of seafood. We have a lot of workplace safety standards in the US and occasionally I hear some griping (not always unreasonable) about some excessive OSHA standards. But then there’s the other end of the scale. 🙂

Bamboo is some pretty impressive raw material. Not only is it a renewable resource that grows fast, but it makes for some steady ladders. But for steady nerves, you are on your own.

Look both ways before climbing the ladder. Seriously.

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One thought on “Photo of the Week: Get ‘Er Done, Thai Style

  • December 17, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Oh, good heavens!!

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