Don’t Let the Budget Beat You – saving money while visiting the UK

The UK and Europe have developed a bit of a reputation for being complete budget busters when it comes to travelling, a fact that puts quite a lot of backpackers off visiting. The cheap accommodation and exotic landscape of Asia draws young travellers away from Britain’s fair shores, which is rather unfortunate when you consider all of the fascinating history and beautiful landscapes that is waiting to be discovered here.

While you’re never going to find accommodation for $5 a day, there are lots of ways to save some money and still have a great time exploring all that the UK has to offer.


No matter what your budget there is something available in the UK. Solo travellers will find great deals on hostel beds in all of the major cities, with the best deals being found outside of the major tourist cities like London, Edinburgh, and Manchester.

If you’re travelling with a group and are planning to stay in one area for more than three days then consider looking into a self-catering holiday cottage, such as those offered by Sykes Holiday Cottages Ltd. The cost is often less than you’d expect, especially if you’re travelling in off peak times of the year, and if you’re dividing the cost between three or four people the individual cost can often be less than a hostel bed.


If you are happy to eat nothing but pot noodles and cereal for weeks on end then you don’t need any help saving money on food. Those of us who would prefer a slightly more varied diet can use a few tricks to save on our daily bread.

If you’re staying in a self catering holiday cottage or hostel then you are set because you’ll be able to make your own meals for a fraction of the cost. Head to a local grocery store to stock up and carry some snacks with you during the day. If you choose to eat at a restaurant move away from the main tourist areas and look for where the locals are eating, these places will normally be the cheapest and the best. Also, have your main meal at lunch rather than dinner – the menu is generally cheaper and you’re less likely to be tempted by expensive drinks.


There is nothing better than free, and that is exactly what some of the best activities in the UK are! Since 2001 all of the government-sponsored museums and galleries in the UK have been free for all to visit, which is something that even many locals don’t realize. This includes a great range of local institutions all over the UK, as well as the big London museums like the Victoria and Albert, the British Museum, and the National Gallery.

If museums aren’t your style, try looking for entrance deals online. Alton Towers, a large amusement park near the Peak District offers advance ticket deals on their website, as does Historic Royal Palaces, which includes the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, and Kensington Palace.

Don’t let the cost scare you off, there are deals to be had when visiting the UK, you just have to know where to look!

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